Mantua, Cuba a ottobre a Reggio Emilia
È in cantiere una nuova mostra a Reggio Emilia, a ottobre presso Vicolo Folletto Art Factories.






Mantua, Cuba (2015) is a photography project created by Paolo Simonazzi which focuses on a small town close to the island of Cuba. Legend has it, but there is some basis in reality, that the town of Mantua was founded by people from the Italian city of Mantova.
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Mondo Piccolo (The Little World) is a project carried out by Paolo Simonazzi in his beloved land stretching between Reggio Emilia, Parma and Mantova, in an area bordering the Po river which in Italy is called “Bassa”, meaning lowland.
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So Near, So Far Simonazzi’s photographs tell us of how what is foreign comes together with what is domestic, with the routine of provincial life, often with a rural flavour; they don’t have anything kitsch about them, but their intrinsic, naive simplicity brings a smile to your lips.
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